Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I have recently learned that some of my relatives have had "the vaxx"

 I have recently learned that some of my relatives have had "the vaxx". 

A number of good friends from my past as well. Which, if you've looked into the totality of this mess, wouldn't have occured had any of them spent 1/8 the time looking into this that I ACCIDENTLY would have stumbled into just doing my routine daily absorption of REAL NEWS. 

Since learning this I have gone extremely light here at FB because I am connected here if they haven't blocked my "Right Wing EXTREMIST" views already.

Of course, in fact I am NOT an “extremist” when you put me in a room of higher IQ "INTELLECTUALS" but in a society of "entertainment junkies" and ostriches, they'll likely believe whatever propaganda is  aimed at them. The adage “truth is stranger than fiction” rings true and the TRUTH, the REALITY of what is really happening will blow one mind at a time of those presently and rapidly awakening and in the near future many will be shocked ALL AT ONCE when that RED PILL is ingested.

After my 3rd 30 day ban from FB I toyed around at Twitter for a couple months as an outlet to some degree because I have a creative need to write. At least a bit. And some of my (idealistic) wind in my sails, I guess from a soul/karma right thing to do perspective is that "IF I CAN HELP JUST ONE PERSON" "wake up" than I should make at least an attempt to do so.

Even though I'm likely pissing in the wind.

Twitter, come to find out, had a higher threshold for tolerating my "speech" perhaps initially, though a number of people there told me I was "shadow banned". I went to that little bitch Psaki's feed and let er rip. I knew when I posted it would be my last post there ever. And after that I was permanently banned.

For me, the stakes are too high, election steal and fake pandemic and all to curl up like a pussy and twiddle my thumbs and party like it's 1999.

FB, due to the "friend" ACCEPTANCE feature, is more "closed cell", more of an echo chamber. You are way more likely to get into a scuffle on Twitter and "OFFEND" someone and liberals are the world’s most easily offended, thin skinned SNITCHES on the planet.

Back at FB, a REAL friend from my former job suggested I remove any questionable liberal “friends” after my 2nd 30 day ban. I did so and it seemed to help BUT the algos will eventually catch up with you. Chris was banned within minutes from FB for posting a picture of THIS FAKE PRESIDENT’S SON with a girl in Frederic’s of Hollywood garb who appeared to be ten years old.

To get around THAT, I posted it on my BLOG and linked to my blog from FB. I received one of my 30 day bans by the next day.

Again, this whole experience served mainly to blow off a little STEAM. But I don’t waste my time playing games nor do I watch mindless television show type entertainment. I do however spend some time RESEARCHING many things and Christine’s research and knowledge has always motivated me. 

My current level of understanding and appreciating SCIENCE I attribute to her.

Honestly, we have not met another couple since we “woke up” (or began the journey) in 2009 who are in the ballpark of what we’ve learned since then. Without enough specifics to identify anyone here we met, shortly after the death of my mom, another couple who seemed pretty close BUT I don’t have the TIME for a Flintstones and Rubble friendship for socializing. I did a lot of that kind of socializing in my 20’s and 30’s but at this present time we are far too busy for that. Nothing personal.

Latest blog post - "Guru Convergeance" ->


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Guru Convergence

I started calling the various “experts” we have (Christine & I) “Gurus” for some reason a few years ago. Top of the hill and knowing shit.

As far as mental file folders go categorically, these experts range from being knowledgeable in areas such as the economy, and that is deep and broad, what markets and the Fed are doing, to precious metals to science, real weather, Grand Solar Minimum, whatever.

And recently we even threw in some psychics, remote viewers and such because their track record is better than most technical analysts. This is sort of a transparency overlay like some of us had experiencing overhead projectors in school while Powerpoint was hanging out in the future with the Jetsons.

Henry Ford, the story goes, was being given shit by somebody having to do with Ford’s formal “education.” So Ford apparently had a number of buttons on his desk and when one was pushed, his hired “expert” associated with that button paid him a visit. Each person associated with each button had a higher “formal education” than Ford had but none of them had the visionary fortitude to create an empire such as what Ford built.

None of our Gurus, as far as we could tell as we were first experiencing and vetting them, were interacting, interviewing or so much mentioning each other back in 08/09 as we were just waking up initially via Alex Jones and the “Obama Deception”.

Thanks Alex. I know you’ll never see this but prayers and good thoughts have been sent your way from Christine and I over the years. Tip of the spear was dead on after all. Might scream and yell and look like he’s on the verge of having a stroke but he has been yelling the truth for years. And so have others.

We are now seeing a lot more panels of people we knew of independently several years ago now doing shows and interviews having now found each other. Which corroborates our initial “Guru Assessment” made back when we realized a particular person “knows their shit”.

I see being “awake” as a broad bar chart in our case. Compared with some people ours would seem narrow. I believe technology is likely a few hundred years beyond what we have been allowed to know so in the presence of somebody in that world, my awake chart would seem narrower than theirs.

And, if your first bar on your awake bar chart is the fact that the Presidency of the United States was criminally stolen by enemies foreign and domestic, well, welcome aboard the “awake” train but you have only just seen the back of the caboose. There is a whole train in front pulling this show and they’ve been at it a long while.

There was a movie called “The 13th Warrior” where a Persian nobleman found himself mixed in with a crew of Vikings. They played the Vikings speech as unintelligible gobbligook at first but over time some words and finally sentences were understood. Then fluently.

When I first started going to Zero Hedge to “learn about the economy” I only understood about 5% and that was just verbs and determiners. Now it is probably in the 90%’s and this has been during about a thirteen year span of Zero being nearly a daily starting point.

I will start naming Gurus in my next post.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Back at the farm - again

First of all, I am writing this mainly for my own head and if a handful of other people should stumble into this, great. If not, I don't care at all.

To keep my promise to my mom that she WOULD NEVER be in a nursing home, my silly hobby BLOG, our website and our farm were put on the back burner for a little over three years. 

We are still picking up the pieces. No regrets. Good soul stuff happened. 

This post, I decided, will be expanded upon, edited and grown rather than be separate topic posts that most likely wouldn't have been read much anyway. It will evolve so to speak. 

Some of my imaginary possible audience could be some of the salt of the earth good people I worked with during my 19 years, seven months, "Up on the Hill" or "the Bay", that is the Clallam Bay Corrections Center. 

This is a maximum security prison out a little ways past the middle of nowhere, a half hour away from our middle of nowhere little wanna be farm. As I am prone to do, I burn bridges while standing on them. 

If it is a change I know I need (soul level COME TO FIND OUT) I couldn't see sticking around another four years for a guaranteed pittance of a "retirement" after assessing it a few years ago and concluding the retirement system the State of Washington offered was six turds on quicksand. Stocks and bonds in various combos, mutual funds, US Bonds and various other country's sovereign bonds. 

Oh, and real estate. Bubbles all.

I knew it would equal a big fat ZERO since I studied HARD the economy and all nooks and crannies of our fake fiat manipulated system. I honestly believe that last March 2020 I was the only one, or at least first one to pull MY stakes before it turns to shit.

Always was the maverick and still am. If the MAJORITY of people are wrong it has no influence on me.

But after leaving the prison very suddenly I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to so many people I really did love even if I was unaware of that a year ago.

I heard some funny rumours about my departure from the prison, the funniest being that I retired early due to good investments. No. I quit while just as paycheck to paycheck as I was while I was there. 

At 61 then, it caused some lack of sleep the first few months but I am over THAT. 

Initially it was my belief that we were facing a "real pandemic" and I took it very seriously then because my wife and I were spending way more time at my 84 year old mom's house and I was worried for her sake.

As a side note, the only masked idiot she ever did see was me during the two months I went along with the masses. I jumped out of that sheep pasture about six weeks into it but not before purchasing enough hydroxichloroquine and Zithro for all of us, just in case. We always have Ivermectin due to farm critter needs. Perhaps for ourselves.

Ironically, a year later, the cryptos that my rookie crypto ass self hoped would be part of a "diversified portfolio" have made a 20X increase and I know it absolutely will not only replace my state "retirement" I pulled to invest and live off of but with Washington's new INCOME TAX, we will be needing to move to Montana or Idaho when I cash in on our GOLDEN GOOSE THETA TOKENS.

Out of a three full year time period my wife and I spent about twentynine months at my mom's and every part of our personal life was in tatters. Did I mention my mother never had to deal with this Covid BULLSHIT at all?

On 11/30/20 my mom passed away and this was pretty well expected being 85 and all. I was holding her hand as she went and I had a feeling she did not "stick around" afterward. My dad had visited her the last several days. He died on 9/12/01.

Perhaps a year before my dad died
64 & 66 yoa

The Gilbert O'Sullivan song, "Alone Again Naturally" mentioning 65 kinda chokes me up a bit yet:

And at sixty-five years old
My mother, God rest her soul
Couldn't understand why the only man
She had ever loved had been taken
Leaving her to start
With a heart so badly broken
Despite encouragement from me
No words were ever spoken
And when she passed away
I cried and cried all day
Alone again, naturally

Well, so much for that. 

During the last three weeks of my mother's life I had gotten closer to my niece, Clara, daughter of my favorite only brother. Since Erik's roofing business and life put him in Gig Harbor (across Puget Sound from Tacoma) with normal weekends off long stretches of time went by and suddenly Clara was no longer a kid anymore.

I had worked at a Max Prison a few months shy of twenty years with Mondays and Tuesdays off so Erik (and family) and I had spans between visits and I didn't get to know Clara and her brother Reid nearly as well as I wish I had.

On December 23, three weeks after my mom's death, while wrapping Christmas presents, Reid, who was going through early stage diagnosis of his mental illness, stabbed his sister Clara in the neck several times with a butcher knife.

Clara Wasankari
RIP 12/23/20

Erik had come for ONE LAST visit to my mom's house and we'd spent part of the day getting things ready to sell the house. We had a few beers to celebrate our last time we had to share there at the house Erik grew up in from four on and me from Junior year to graduating H.S. 

The roads were frozen like a popsicle when Erik got the call straight from HELL.

Kinda worth mentioning I guess but on Erik's and Clara's last visit to my mom's house just five days before she died, Erik told me to pay attention to spiritual things.

And I have. I realized I am not the spiritual dud I thought I was. Everything has changed.

And it's all good.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Correcting the mistaken notion that liberals need to CORRECT the PAST

Having lived on that 70's planet I felt qualified to correct any notion that

SOCIETY WAS LESS TOLERANT then. Especially as that pertains to the FALSE

"Systemic Racism" propaganda BULLSHIT.


I was responding to a post while signed into YouTube on our One Insane Acre


The post I responded to mentioned "that took some balls to pull of in 1977".

The subject was THE TUBES, who I saw in 1977 in SF after hitchhiking
there from friggin' Forks, WA (Twilight Movie).

And I invited two exchange student girls from Brazil. My friend Clint 
drove like an idiot or I would have been smootching with that beautiful
girl a whole lot more. Neither had been to an AMERICAN CONCERT.


One Insane Acre

Highlighted reply on YouTube:

That's incorrect. Times were WAY MORE, LIGHTYEARS MORE

tolerant then. KSAN FM told you where to go for acid, thai sticks,

hash, etc…like ”windowpane, $2.00, Fillmore District”. I roamed

Hayward and Oakland, took BART train to Oakland by myself

at 15 to see George Harrison at the Oakland Coliseum with Billy

Preston and Ravi Shankar (who taught Harrison Sitar). 

I am white with blue eyes, had hair halfway down my back and

NEVER heard anything about RACE. I got jumped by some

Mexicans but it was for fun (mostly theirs) and we all were

friends after that. No, times then, people got along.

I went on a bus rented by a group of black GI's in my unit in

1979 to Hamburg to see Earth Wind and Fire. I was one of

two white guys invited. My roommate, the black one Marsh, 

invited my other roomate and I to go with them. 

The concert hall was a fancy opera looking place. 

Had my black friends not attended that concert those

stuffy Germans would still be sitting down.

My black friends were dancing to the RECORDED MUSIC playing

before EW&F. Those Germans looked at us like we were from Mars.
Most of the black guys in my unit could get away with a Fro because
they'd put a pantyhose foot over their hair the night before.

Us white guys had to settle for looking like corn fed hicks because

“back in the world” (America 77-80) NOBODY (except really

 old people) (people over 30) had hair above their ears.

So….we, my Italian roommate, and I, returned the favor and

took Marsh and a few of his friends to a Ted Nugent Concert.

So…moral of the story, people GOT ALONG well because the MSM

hadn't convinced the next couple of generations that “somebody

done somebody wrong song”.

So “SYSTEMIC RACISM” wasn't a thing till the left invented it in 2016.

Monday, April 12, 2021

WARNING - Your paper masks have a hidden SURPRISE

 Here's for you thinking folks.

Others just move on. (For you it's probably too late anyway)

1. Where did this C-17 bug originate?

2. Where do ALL your paper masks originate?

HINT: Both from the same country.

Have a clue about NANO TECH?

Looked into that studying MORGELLONS.

Want to see what is imbedded in your mask from the same country who gave us this bug?

Be patient... a couple minutes in it gets REAL CLEAR.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

I would have much more...confidence or FAITH in the HUMAN RACE if:

I would have much more...confidence or FAITH in the HUMAN RACE if:


But they would rather worship at the House of Mainstream Medicine. Not LEARNING for yourself but BELIEVING someone who was MAINLY taught about giving you pharmaceuticals. Mainstream medicine, a close cousin or at least BENEFACTOR to FAKE NEWS.

Follow the money, Que Bono?

Buy NOPE... gotta be TRENDY (Libs 5 to 1 over Conservatives)

As it pertains to "Manmade Global Warming",  fake (EXAGERATED) Planneddemics, Gene Therepy (called a VAX to fool em) with HORRIFIC side effects, just ask Marvin Hagler, as well as boring factoids such this ECONOMIC COLLAPSE they hope you don't NOTICE because FAKE TESTS, FAKE NEWS and FAKE DOCTORS have convinced you to be scared (very scared) of something less lethal than most bad flues with something like .3% lethality.

But if EVERYONE is worried about THIS  CREATION, how worried will you be when the banks lock their doors? And or Zimbabwe level hyperinflation is ravaging this once great land?

Didja even KNOW... 40% of existing US DOLLARS were printed in the last YEAR?

Nope.... no thoughts on THAT ever happening since your fake news has you scared of pretend monsters under your beds AS the world IS turning into ROAD WARRIORS. 

The Globalists AND Bill Gates, Fauci, plus every other NWO Satanic minnion do NOT WANT you to think for YOURSELF and be  repared to DEFEND YOUR HOME WITH FORCE when every corner of the US resembles PORTLAND OREGON any night when the zombies prowl.

When everything goes Road Warriors will you still worry over a .3% kill rate bug? (IF YOU ARE ELDERLY)

Sunday, March 7, 2021

News - Real & Fake and a missing cat found in Forks

This morning I was kicked off of Facebook for the third time for a month.

I said something about hanging politicians. And I meant it.

A Democrat in Texas introduced a bill that would remove the "Castle Doctrine" and require people to vacate their house to the intruder.

I think not. 

And that's when I mentioned hanging politicians.

So now to my title...

Like many, when I was a Senior at Forks High School in 1977 after moving there in 1975, we read from either Time or Newsweek as part a current events, social studies required class. I can't remember which of those two magazines we read but it doesn't really matter.

I remember feeling ENLIGHTENED by reading about the bigger world. This was WAY before "Fake News" was a thing. But it existed. I just didn't know it yet.

In either '78 or '79 I was buying both Time and Newsweek as well as Soldier of Fortune from the PX in Garlstedt Germany back when the latter (SOF) still had ads for mercenaries in it's classifieds. You could connect to be a mercenary in Rhodesia if you had the skills.

And at nineteen or so I noticed something. A glaring difference between these publications. SOF had journalists, back when they existed, embedded with Aphghani, and from elsewhere, Mujahideen.

Back when the US Government was buddies with Bin Laden and his buddies.

I realized the Time and Newsweek magazines were whitewashing their stories.

I later discovered (still before 21) a book publisher out of friggin' Port Townsend, WA called Loompanics and they had ALL KINDS of topics.

I read my ASS OFF. NWO, Bilderbergers, CFR, etc......

As a young puppy Cop in Sequim in my mid twenties during the mid-eighties I had befriended a Deputy who was a John Birch Society member and I borrowed a pile of books.... Constitution, more NWO, Rockerfellers, Rothschild Banksters, etc..

So by the time I pulled my head out of my ass in 2009 after getting pulled into FOX NEWS on 9-11 and watched the Twin Towers fall, I sat there with Christine and watched my first Alex Jones shows. Right after that we discovered and, once there, I cut my teeth on their articles related to the economy and global markets.

In 2009 on Zero Hedge I understood about 5% of what I was reading. Today I understand perhaps 95%. Derivatives are complex as are a lot within that world and I don't pretend to understand it all....but we listen and read from THOSE WHO DO.

Back to the missing cat. When I was stationed in Germany my parents paid for a subscription to the Forks Forum. A nice little locally owned newspaper in a nice little working class town. But barely enough actual paper to line a birdcage.

My roommate Ron from Miami subscribed to the Miami Herald and we held our newspapers side by side and Ron busted out laughing over an article on the FRONT PAGE of my Forks Forum.

Whereas Ron's front page of his Miami Herald had a ton of cocaine captured and boatloads of Cubans showing up, the article Ron was laughing at bore the title "MISSING CAT FOUND".

Ok, so not a lot happened that week in Forks.

So the moral of this story is that there is ALWAYS a lot of stuff going on. You are more or less affected by it depending on where you live.

However, SOME THINGS will affect you no matter where you are.

Especially if the dollar goes to zero.

Would hate to be just now taking that red pill.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Who gives a flying fuck anyway?

As more of a Libertarian Capitalist, earlier on out of the PRINCIPLE, (Sometimes I wish I could shed THAT curse) I would have OPPOSED Elizabeth WARRENS proposed income tax on the ULTRA RICH.

But before getting more into THAT, for the possibly brainwashed youngsters (40 and under), I hope some of you realize nobody in your age group (nor my parents even) have EXPERIENCED CAPITALISM.

Not any more than if you filled a blender ¾ of the way with DOG SHIT and 1/4 of the way with CHOCOLATE and told the world CADBURY BARS SUCK.

Ever since the US Treasury began BORROWING MONEY from “the Fed” instead of minting their own as is CONSTITUTIONAL, back in 1913, the DOLLAR we all experience BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS over (Not the band my little Spinning Wheels) is worth but a few CENTS.

Out of HIGH SCHOOL in 1977 I bucked hay PART TIME for THREE BUCKS PER HOUR (five months to play before Army) in Klamath Falls Oregon and split the rent with my girlfriend, a part time waitress and I think we both worked about three days per week.

The house was a small two story with two upstairs bedrooms in a decent middle class neighborhood.

I must have had one hell of a bladder back then…. Jeez.

The rent was $120.

We experience CRONY CAPITALISM with backroom deals and lobbyists BRIBING those JOKERS you elected so even the sugar you buy costs you JUST A LITTLE MORE because the sugar companies LOBBIED greased palmed politicians so that the AMOUNT of exported sugar is held back JUST ENOUGH (Kind of a cousin to how DeBeers creates the ILLUSION of RARITY by SLOWING DOWN the AMOUNT of diamonds entering the market).

Obviously there is much more SLIME & SHENANIGANS than that but as LONG AS the government has a HAND ON markets and supply chains you are NOT experiencing true unfettered CAPITALISM.

But, what the heck for my little sermon and back to my intro to the article below. The way I figure it about TAXING THE ULTRA RICH, I think it would be more LOGICAL (which we know is an impossible standard with politicians USUALLY and those LEFTIST ones ALWAYS), they SHOULD have an ADDITIONAL FORMULA to go along with as to HOW their wealth was generated.

Slimeball self serving politicians who LEGALIZED self benefiting INSIDER TRADING.  LEGAL for them but NOT FOR MARTHA STEWART or YOU and I, should just be BEHEADED as far as I'm concerned.

The politicians are just going to pay for THE ENTIRE WORLD to have ABORTIONS with their new stolen money and otherwise blow it on STUPID SHIT like paying for sexual reassignment for preschoolers and for lodging and transportation for Drag Queens to read stories to your kids down at the library.

Or pay for foreigners college while YOU work down at THE LUMBERYARD and so does YOUR SON.

Plus since the money, and ALL money is printed out of THIN AIR, are we not just dancing around the mulberry bush anyway? As soon as ENOUGH people realize your dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on, POOF there it goes into the DUSTBIN of HISTORY.

Perhaps snuggled up cozy with a Confederate dollar.

So go ahead, tax those rich bastards. Not the MY PILLOW GUY. He's cool.

I'd still like it better if they just chopped off the heads (leave MUSK alone he CONTRIBUTES to this world) of the other BILLIONAIRES after confiscating ALL OF THEIR ASSETS.

But since they'll blow it all on stupid shit and nothing for real people, who gives a flying fuck anyway?

Joel Wasankari 3/2/21



Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Anna's Puppies

 Anna had seven puppies on 2-22-21.

These are purebred EUROPEAN German Shepherds.

We are asking $500 and have three females and three males as one female already sold.

They are UNPAPERED but if you know shepherds it obvious they are as I say.

Call 360-327-3259 if interested... 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Realize when disaster is really HAPPENING

When disaster strikes, I was taught in ye olden law enforcement days, the first thing you must do (talking survival here) is to TELL YOURSELF "this is REALLY happening" because there is a tendency within us to slide toward Normalcy Bias or Cognitive Dissonance like water runs downhill.

With routine and habit, we come to EXPECT things to be "normal" and can be delayed in our responses when we get tripped up AND DENY what is ACTUALLY happening.

This can be spread out.. like a slow motion trainwreck, and REALITY DENIAL can be spread out over many YEARS.

This is precisely the case if you look at the US DOLLAR being 2% of what it was in 1913. This a good example.

When everything crashes....and soon.... and the BUBBLE OF ALL BUBBLES (composed of bubbles WITHIN bubbles) pops from any number of surrounding pins.... OR, like the proverbial "straw that broke the camels back" and one last dollar clicked into existance causes you to WITNESS WEIMAR without leaving your home, will you tell yourself THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING?

Or even take the "Helicopter View" over the past DOZEN YEARS (or back to 1913 if you're AMBITIOUS) and actually SEE the collase IS HAPPENING.

The EXACT DAY will be known when the banks close their doors. The day CREDIT STOPS. 

And supply lines.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

How to install DOORKNOBS PLUS Cute little duckies remind me how wonderful life is

Don't click here unless you want to see doorknobs... this is part of my test:

 See pic I was banned for by clicking on link below.... SCROLL DOWN

See the cute little duckies...seriously... click below.... to see the pic I was FB BANNED for:

I have recently learned that some of my relatives have had "the vaxx"

 I have recently learned that some of my relatives have had "the vaxx".  A number of good friends from my past as well. Which, if ...